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About Us

Broadland Eggs have been producing eggs for the past 40 years from our farm at East Ruston, Stalham, Norwich, which for visitors from outside the UK, is in the county of Norfolk, England. We are a family business and pride ourselves on our attention to detail.

Our hens are housed in new enriched colony's, fed on the best quality food which is sourced from a local mill at Stoke Ferry. Norfolk. This ensures that the egg quality is first class, with both strong shells and excellent yolk colour. All our hens are fully vaccinated against Salmonella.

All our eggs are packed by hand, one of the few packers who still do this rather than using the fully automated systems favoured by the large packers.

These fresh farm eggs are of equal, and we believe, better quality and taste than those marketed by the large industrial packers who will not deliver directly to the smaller outlets.

All our customers have chosen us because they know that they will receive eggs and service second to none.

Many larger outlets are serviced twice a week and all customers are telephoned by us on the day before delivery for their requirements.

We supply eggs both prepacked in fibre prepacks and on keyes trays. These are egg friendly and eye catching in appearance. Eggs are mainly packed in 6-egg format but 12 and 18 egg boxes are also available. Special offer packs can be provided.

We also supply Free Range eggs from selected producers which we then pack into out own distinctive boxes.

Plain prepacks are always available for shops to fill at point of sale.