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More Good News For Eggs

Excellent feature in the Eastern Daily Press

Saturday 15th October 2011

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Re-housing completed at Broadland Eggs

All our hens are now housed in Big Dutchman Enriched Colonies.

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Eggs are set to replace carrots as the eye-friendly food of choice, with a report in the 13th June 2010 issue of the Nursing Standard setting out how eating eggs can prevent age-related degeneration of the eyes. Read More

Regular Eggs ‘No Harm To Health’ (11th Feb 2009)

Limiting egg consumption has little effect on cholesterol levels, research has confirmed.  Read More

Free-Range Chickens May Be Less Healthy (17th June 2010)

SWEDEN - A free-range label doesn't guarantee your poultry had a worry-free existence, according to Swedish researchers.  Read More

Delia Speaks Out (Daily Mirror 16th February 2008)

Delia Smith has blasted Jamie Oliver's costly organic and free-range produce saying it is more important that poor families can get affordable nutritious food. Read More

Hens Kept In Colony Pens Are No More Stressed than their Free-Range counterparts (Daily Mail 15th July 2007)

So says a report in the Daily Mail on the 15th July. Researchers at the Sydney University measured the amounts of a hormone produced when hens are frightened. Their findings call into question the common belief that hens which are allowed to roam free are happier.  Read More

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